Find out more about all our fundraisers or see what’s coming up next!

Mabel’s Labels
You can support our school while taking advantage of great deals through Mabel’s Labels.

Warmth & Weather Fundraiser
Gear up for the cooler weather and stay in style for any season, all while helping Westdale Children’s School!

Monthly Grain Pro Fundraiser
Save some money on bulk items while also helping out the school!
The next Grain Pro order will begin at the end of June, so you can start checking the catalogue today to get your order ready!
Visit the link above for a full list of available items.

Soup Bowl Fundraiser (& Cookie Sale!!)
The Soup Bowl Fundraiser is a chance for Westdale Children’s School’s families, friends, and the greater community to mingle over homemade soups and other treats and sweets. The event also features crafts and items available for auction, along with music, stories, and songs performed by the kids.
This year’s Soup Bowl Fundraiser took place on Thursday, October 27th.
Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this event a great success!