Nature Kindergarten

Our program creates an environment that nourishes a child’s deep sense of wonder, joy and imagination. Children will spend a generous amount of time outside every day, in all weather, developing a deep relationship with our earth and its subtle and seasonal rhythms. Spending more time in nature balances overstimulation and children tend to cultivate more harmonious play while outside.
Free play is the work of childhood. This creative exploration with peers lays the groundwork for academic excellence in later years. Materials such as wooden logs, pinecones and stones all nourish a child’s imagination. This helps to cultivate a flexibility in thinking that lends itself to creative problem solving in the future.
Young children learn primarily though imitation. The teachers create many opportunities for children to join in their work, such as raking leaves, tending to the garden, folding laundry and modelling good manners.

What Age Can I Enrol My Child?

This is a mixed aged kindergarten for children turning 4 by December 31 2022 up to and including 6 years of age.

Older children benefit from their younger counterparts as they learn to be helpful to others. Younger children benefit from their older peers through observation and emulation.

When Does the Nature Kindergarten Run?

Our program runs from 8:45am to 2:45pm. Monday to Friday.

Snack time is an integral portion of our program, promoting wholesome and nourishing grains providing energy for the children’s brains and bodies to learn. By following a weekly menu, we help provide children with consist rhythm.

A weekly selection of healthy grains such as rice, millet, oats, spelt and barley are offered, as well as fresh bread and soup. Children bring a fresh fruit in each day to share with the class as pat of a fruit salad.

All of our grains are organic and sourced through our Grain Pro Program.

What Is The Tuition for Nature Kindergarten?

Payments are made in 10 monthly increments from Sept 2022 – June 2023

Tuition: $1290/month ($12,900 total)

We have a non refundable registration fee upon acceptance into the program of $200

Acceptance into the program is based on a first come basis with a completed registration form and fee after interviews.

What Are the Benefits of Nature Kindergarten? 

Circle time with singing and poem recitation which strengthen memory and vocabulary

Abundant unstructured play time

Storytelling and puppet plays to expand their imaginative capacities·     

Watercolour painting and drawing·     

Creative fine motor craft projects with natural materials such as wool and beeswax

Nature walks and other gross motor activities such as obstacle courses and tobogganing

Nutritious Snacks