Grain Pro Fundraiser


What Can I Order From Grain Pro?

Anything from bags of flour to Goat Milk soap bars. Feeling like adding some dried cranberries into your baking or rose hip tea into your morning routine? We have that too! See the catalogue below.

How Does Grain Pro Work?

STEP 1: Browse through the Grain Process catalogue.  

Step 2: Request a quote using the link below with the code, size and name of product

STEP 3: Check over the quotes you received. Then email us with your final order (you can copy and paste right from the quotes sent to you)

You will then receive a Sales Order showing your Final Order.  

At this point you must verify that your order is correct . All items listed on the Sales Order under your name are yours to purchase. 

How Does Grain Pro Help WCS?

Grain Pro provides the school and community with healthy bulk grains and more.   

10% of sales go to the school each month making it our biggest fundraiser.